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5-in-1 special formula includes:

1. Dietary fiber   
2. Probiotic   
3. Prebiotic      
4. Digestive enzyme   
5. Antioxidants

Natural Ingredients:
(15sachets x15g/box)
Cranberry                 :   Acai Berry Extract 
Soy Peptide             :   GarciciaCambogia
Apple  Fibre             :  Psyllium Husk 
Live Culture             :  Multi Enzyme 
Soluble Fibre           :  Roxburgh Rose SOD
Inulin                        :  Fructo-Oligosaccharide


5-in-1 special benefit :经过研究证实,它主要的5大效果:

1. Detox & prevent constipation - 排毒&帮助正常排便
2. Improve digestive system - 提高消化系统
3. Boost metabolism - 促进新陈代谢
4. Improve skin condition & reduce pigmentation - 改善肤质
5. Slimming & prevent obesity- 纤体和阻止肥胖


  • Ditoxmi formula contains powerful antioxidant, detox and and improve the digestive system. The uses of prebiotic and probiotic in this drink has the potential to cleanse, heal and strengthen the entire gastrointestinal tract and restore intestinal metabolism.
  • Stimulating the peristaltic action of the colon improves digestion, relieves gas and cramps and relieves chronic constipation and achieves body detoxification.
  • It works gently with no abdominal cramps and causes no side effectsand providing you with incredible health benefits.   


Long term accumulation of toxins in our body can cause:

Poor digestion, constipation, hemorrhoids, stomach gas bloating, easily tired, stress, depression, headaches, mood changes, emotional, poor memory, difficulty concentrating, body odor, pigmentation, and gain excess weight.

If You Have ANY of The following Symptoms : 

  • Fatigue and feel tired easily
  • Long-term constipation, accumulation of toxins, small belly
  • Indigestion, bloating, stomach pain
  • Skin yellowing, redness and other skin sensitive problems
  • Obesity, Oedema
  • Bad breath, Body odor
  • Poor immunity, 
  • Lack of fiber intake, unbalanced diet


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